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Professional pet shop UK offers pet supplies of own production and international shipping to more than 110 countries. Examine here our 2 delivery options of walking dog harnesses and other professional products. Usual shipping to the United Kingdom is very fast - up to 1 week.

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We produce and offer: walking dog harness with your dog's dimensions. Leather dog harness for large and small dogs. Leather harnesses with design and leads. Nylon harnesses for sport and training.

We sell our handmade leather dog harnesses and muzzles for small dog, all items are padded inside with soft felt. Some items are decorated with studs and other adornments. Leather dog harness in large sizes for Rottweiler, German Shepherd and Bullmastiff. Leather harnesses for medium dogs as for Boxer and American Bulldog. Large and medium ones for Malinois and small for French Bulldog. All gear for dogs is made in accordance with sizes of your dog. Buy leather dog harness and lead together with the same leather colour. Leather dog harness with spikes will be a smart present for any dog. All products are professional and are created of the finest natural materials. Such small breeds as French Bulldog or Cocker Spaniel :) will find them great as well. Our dog training gearhas ISO certificate of quality. Also we produce protection and professional guide dog harnesses. Pulling harnesses and anti pull gear! Send us request what you need, and we will choose appropriate harness!

So Walking Dog Harness Today

Many dog owners having not enough knowledge about the structure of dog's body, can damage the health of their pets. The matter is so usual thing for dogs as a collar. Everyone can recall how the active and not enough trained dog behaves: it pulls constantly the leash, it is unmanageable, and the breath of the dog becomes more complicated and sibilant. As an alternative to the collars many European scientists and trainers recommend to use dog walking harnesses, as more "humane" and safe means for the walking and training of your dog. Usual dog walking harness consists of two main straps belting your pet near the breastbone and along the body of the dog; they are connected in two places between the forelegs and through the line of spine. The leash fastens to the point, situated on the withers. As opposed to the collar, walking dog harness permits to distribute the weight on the chest and musculoskeletal system correctly, it doesn't press the neck, and the dog feels more comfortable and freer. And the owner of the dog receives the manageability of his pet easily. As the leash is fastened to the harness on the back, it doesn't get tangled between the legs of the animal. Walking harnesses for dogs as a rule are complemented by leashes and collars of the same line, so it will be easy for you to buy a stylish complete set of the accessory for walking with the dog. There are two main peculiarities of the walking dog harness: - Walking gog harness should be, at the same time quite closely to the body of the dog, in order to prevent moving and to help to hold the weight of the pet, and it shouldn't be compressive for preventing inconvenience of the movement. If you can push your hand behind the harness and the body freely, then the size is chosen correctly. When the harness doesn't fit well, the dog can get injury or trauma. - You should use the walking dog harness with pauses, and to put it off at home. It is not recommended to make habit for the harness only, because the collar is used on the dog contests. And the dog, if it doesn't get accustomed to the collar, can feel discomfort during a dog show. The harness for walking or training is better than a leash with a collar, because it divides the weight and distributes it among the limbs preventing the discomfort in the neck of the dog. There is one more type of walking dog harnesses: easy walk dog harness. The principle of operation of it is the following: a chest strap has in the centre of it martingale and D-shaped ring for fastening of the leash. When the dog pulls, the leash is under tension, the strap on the chest presses the area of thorax and shoulder-blades softly stopping the dog. Such soft effect takes the dog backwards to the owner and attracts attention of the dog to the owner. As a result you can direct your dog easily. It is recommended to use a stop pulling dog harness for middle and large dog breeds. So the best dog harness for walking provides the best comfort and manageability of your dog. Our dog harnesses prices range from 27.50 pounds and then depend on material and dog size.

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The harness fits super though it was shipped last week. Thanks to the staff.
Written by Matthias, Piringsdorf, Austria on:03/29/2017
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Good afternoon, thank you for delivering my purchase. The ball is simply super! It flies far, doesn'...
Written by Andrea, Bern, Switzerland on:03/29/2017
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The harness fits our Cocker perfectly and looks noble. The collar and the lead match ideally, wonder...
Written by Renate, Graz, Austria on:03/21/2017
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I have got the leash today. It is reliably done. I like to hold it in hands. I will use it carefully...
Written by Itoh Koshi, Japan on:03/17/2017
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I purchased this model as a muzzle for my German Shepherd training. It fits Riley ideally and there ...
Written by Jamie, Blackpool, UK on:03/07/2017
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We have got the muzzle today. Thank you. I attached photos for you.
Written by Vanessa, Hampshire, UK on:03/03/2017
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I have tried to put on my dog the muzzle under the direction of the trainer and canine handler this ...
Written by Jiovanni, Italy on:03/01/2017